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The Online Appointment Maker & Manager


Let Dokagenda do the work for you!

Dokagenda is a reliable and very simple-to-use online service that allows patients to book appointments with their doctor and doctors to see at a glance what their appointments are for the day, week or month.

With fewer administration worries, you have more time for your patients.

For whom?

Dokagenda is ideally suited for doctors who:

– are frequently interrupted by a ringing telephone while they are seeing patients.
– have patients who frequently cancel or forget appointments. Missed appointments mean lost income.
– spend too much time organising their appointments. Time better spent with the family…

And we can make your website!

Dokagenda can create an attractive presentation website to showcase your practice and what you do, free of charge.

Click here to see our last website made for a medical practice:


8 good reasons why you need Dokagenda:

More time

Dokagenda saves you and your staff time by allowing your patients to book their appointments online. You can now use your working hours more productively.

Better income

With Dokagenda’s SMS or email reminder system, your practice reduces its losses through forgotten appointments.


Doctors and their assistants can see the appointments in real-time from anywhere with internet access.


Dokagenda is tablet and smartphone friendly.

Streamlined booking

Doctors are flexible in the management of schedules, appointment types and time slots. Patient details stored to database make booking quick and easy.


Dokagenda is suitable for practices with more than one doctor. Schedules can be customised for the individual doctors.


Given the delicate nature of medical matters, Dokagenda ensures that all the necessary steps are taken to guarantee security and confidentiality.


Dokagenda is in continuous evolution ensuring that the product is always state-of-the-art.


Pricing (vat excluded) *

per month
per doctor
per month
for the second doctor in the same practice
per month
for the third and each subsequent doctor in the same practice



Get a website worth over £1,200 free when you sign up for a two year contract with us.

*   Dokagenda charges you nothing at all for:

  • the first thirty days
  • full installation of the service
  • integration with your website
  • importing your patients if necessary


Come and explore the advantages of Dokagenda with us